Vessels of the Sky

Skyships in Skyborn are the main vehicles of the sky. Airplanes and airships exist, but the former have limited time aloft and the latter are much less maneuverable. Skyships range in size from small, 1-seater scout craft to half-mile-long dreadnoughts with crews of thousands. Most skyships range between 20 and 200 yards in length and carry crews of 10-50 people.


Magitech buoyancy engines give skyships their ability to fly. These engines generate a series of force pulses which hold the ship aloft. The engines typically pulse between 30-170 Hertz, and the individual pulses are generally unnoticeable to those on the ships. A buoyancy array made of copper and silver wires distributes the pulses evenly across the underside of the ship’s hull.

Skyships use less sophisticated force engines for propulsion and maneuver.

Skyship Consequences:


Engine Skipping
Vibrating Internally
Listing slightly (less than ten degrees)
Guns Jammed
Comms Jammed


Severely Listing (20-35 degrees)
Shaking up and down
Gun Rig Damaged
Propulsion at 50%
Losing Altitude
Maneuvering Plates Destroyed


Flying Sideways (listing more than 45%)
Guns Blown Away
Dead in the Sky


Wrecked on the ground


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