Polus Arms


“Polus Arms is a leading manufacturer of the highest quality firearms, headquartered in Salt City, Caltia. It is owned by Deuteronomy Bagg, a farmer who discovered a piece of lost technology which he reverse engineered into the first Polus rifle. A passing ITC official saw the rifle in use, he immediately suggested that Bagg give him the rifle to mass produce.
Deuteronomy told the ITC official that he was going to mass produce it himself. Starting by selling copies of the Polus rifle locally, the Bagg family become wealthy enough to purchase their own production facilities. Soon, Polus Arms was distributing a whole line of Polus products to Caltia proper. To this day, Polus remains the first, and best name in defense.”
- Polus Arms advertisements


Scale: Huge
Scope: 5 (Caltia, Wanchust, Remekta, Kalskaff, Brenig)


+4 Resources (Polus Weaponry)
+3 Lost Technology, Trade
+2: Security, Sway (Caltia), Technology
+1: Communication, Diplomacy, Administration, Arms (Private Security Force)

Kick-ass Reputation: +1 on Diplomacy checks
Bureaucracy: +1 Administration Bonus
Trade Network: 2 Trade Missions Per Month


Polus makes men equal
Family conflicts
Famous throughout Smitt
Holder of lost technology
Caltian government contract

Recent History

Deuteronomy has little to do with the running of Polus Arms these days. He prefers to tinker in the basement of his mansion, creating new rifle designs week by week. He has left administration duties to his two sons, Matthew and Temperance. Matthew recently lost face in the public by his son’s decision not to continue on with the family business, opting for skyship engineering. In the wake of that scandal, Temperance has taken greater control of Polus, and is now running a campaign to ruthlessly stamp out competition. He is on record saying he wishes Polus to become the most ubiquitous brand in all of Smitt and Saye.

Polus Weaponry

All Polus-made weapons have the aspect “Polus Manufactured” attached to them. They receive a great amount of prestige attached to their high quality, and equally high price. To own a Polus weapon is considered a mark due the greatest respect. Naturally, its prestige also shows the more unscrupulous the best target to relieve of their expensive weaponry. Polus Arms pieces get +1 to guns, but recieve a -3 penalty to any alertness checks to keep them from being stolen.

Polus “Salt City Special” Repeating Rifle:

The classic rifle that started it all. Chambered for five rounds, it was sold mainly to Deuteronomy’s fellow farmers to defend their lands, and is still regarded as a rifle perfectly suited to that purpose. It’s simple design carries no extra bonuses.

Polus Arms

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