Pirate Territories


The western third of the continent of Smitt is ruled by pirate clans. Most of the clans are very small (one or two ships), though some range in size to a few dozen (like Clan Aiga) to several dozen (Clan Orlish). With the demise of Clan Fawkes, there are a few large clans.

Formally, the pirates are at war with all of the civilized nations. Informally, they have been relatively quiet for the last quarter-century. The ascent of Clan Fawkes has changed this.

Upon receiving recognition as the King-of-Clans, Alamogordo Fawkes commanded the thirty largest pirate clans to join him on a massive raid of Gatwig. More than five hundred armed skyships crashed into Gatwig without warning. Those elements of the Katig Skyfleet that were not immediately obliterated fled to West Caltia.

A few pirate clans pressed into West Caltia after them, but were crushed in four successive engagements by the combined West Caltian/Katig Remnant skyfleet. Since then, only Clans Aiga and Adell have made any moves against West Caltia. Clan Aiga has captured a few careless merchant ships at the cost of an entire raider sqadron (four frigate-equivalents). Clan Idell has been totally annihilated.



Floating city in pirate skyspace


Hidden floating city in the Rafra Mountains in pirate space.


Floating mountain west of Beltacta that contains the pirate Monolith.


Another floating city in pirate space. The nominal seat of Clan Fawkes.

Pirate Territories

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