Magni Armory


“Take this weapon proudly, soldier, for by it you shall attain glory!”

- Magni Armory Propoganda Poster

Used as a de-facto weapons development branch of the Magnian military, Magni Armory is famous for preventing any form of competition from walking into “their territory.” The Armory is one of the oldest weapons manufacturers in Smitt, pre-dating Polus arms by fifteen years. Directorship had changed hands on a regular basis prior to the ascent of it’s current lord and master, C.G. Spectus, who has held the position for over a decade. Spectus has made many derogatory comments concerning Polus and its smothering of fair competition. He has taken many measures to ensure the Armory keeps its influence in Magni, with no sign of weakening.

Magni Armory Weaponry

Magni Manollis, “The road to glory”

Named after it’s creator, Julius Manollis, the Manollis is the bread-and-butter rifle of the military. With a seven round magazine and smooth bolt action, it is the weapon of choice for marksmen.

Magni Armory

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