Magical Skills


  • Force is a combination of telekinesis and warding. Force in Skyborn includes all of the trappings of Anglerre Telekinesis and power and the Protection trapping from Anglerre Warding.


  • Energy is a combination of Elements and Weather. Energy in Skyborn includes all of the trappings of Elements and all trappings of Weather except Weather Words.


  • Decay is a combination of Elements and Death. Decay in Skyborn includes the Necrosis trapping from Death and the Diminish element trapping from Elements.


  • Fabrication is the magical artificier skill. It includes the Object stunts from Alchemy and the Object stunts from Transmutation. Objects created by Fabrication do NOT dissipate upon the cessation of the power. Additionally, this skill may be used in a check to create a magitech item (including magitech constructs) subject to GM approval. (Fabrication may also be used to animate objects, such as Animate Plant from Nature, the create undead from Death, and the Animate Object junk from Transmutation and Alchemy)


  • Mentalism is a combination of Dominance and Glamour. Mentalism in Skyborn includes all the trappings of both Dominance and Glamour.


  • Networking includes the Weather Words trapping from Weather and everything from Divination except Augury, Prophetic Dreams, Precognition, Analyze Curse and See into a Person’s Heart items under Divination. Additionally, it includes the following stunt:
    * Tactile Proximity: A mage passively “feels” through nearby objects as if they were an extension of the mage’s own tactile senses. This may be used to give a +1 bonus to perception checks against sleight-of-hand or stealth in close proximity. Requires the aspect “Source Typical”


  • Gating includes all of the elements from Dimensions. Note: At present, it is not possible to travel between inhabited dimensions within the world of Skyborn. Inhabited dimensions can be sensed, and it’s possible to communicate across them. (This will probably change further on in the story.)

Magical Skills

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