Magical Artifacts

Death Mask

A Death Mask is a magical helmet. While wearing a Death Mask, a person can not die so long as the helmet remains intact. The Death Mask takes over all of a person’s senses (which doesn’t enhance them, it just protects them and holds them and replaces their function at normal human levels. Allowing a blind person, for instance, to see as a normal person would.) Additionally, a person feels no need to eat, drink or sleep, as the Death Mask magically sustains all the body’s functions.

The magical intervention of the Death Mask in the wearer’s metabolism slowly builds stress within them. If the mask is not periodically removed to allow the body to return to normal, the it will become more and more difficult for the wearer to function. Eventually, the wearer will be reduced to a vegetable.

All the stress can be cured, however, simply by leaving the mask off for four time increments less than it was worn.

Gettis Eye

A Gettis Eye is a small magical device shaped like an eye. The exact function and construction of the eye is unclear, though it contains an immense amount of magical power.

Magical Artifacts

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