Magic is Lost Technology

Specifically, “Magic” is the leftover nanologics of a long dead civilization. Mages in Skyborn do not conjure, summon or sacrifice for their power, they simply issue instructions to the machines’ network.


A force mage is ordering the machines to move an object or to stop an object (or to keep moving objects from damaging an area).

Energy mages are ordering the machines to alter the energy state of an area.

Mentalist mages are “hacking” other mages’ brains.

Fabricators are issuing detailed instructions for nanoassembly

Networkers are nano-googling. Tactile Proximity is a networker’s connection to the local sensory grid.

Decay mages are ordering the nanites to reduce objects in a target zone in accordance with natural processes.

Gatists are using one of the central machines that maintains magic in the world to operate on a non-microscopic scale.

Mages are actually rather limited in the power they have over the nanomachines. Nanites will ignore any order to manipulate objects that are part of the central system (such as the Monoliths). Nanites will also ignore incoherent orders or orders to directly interfere with the systems of a human body. Meaning that it’s possible to INDIRECTLY kill people with magic via Force, Energy, etc. But not possible to order nanites to, say, switch off a person’s immune system. And it’s equally impossible to order them to repair a person’s injuries.

It is, however, possible to do these things with magic INDIRECTLY. The Vanek Monolith is notorious for disintegrating almost anyone that tries to use it to gain magical power. Additionally, some magical devices (essentially artefacts that have a magical program script set in them) such as the Death Mask or a Cultist Charm can be used to heal or treat injuries.


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