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A medium-sized nation located smack in the middle of the continent of Smitt. Caltia was ruled by Wanchust until 20 years ago. Since it won independence, Caltia has been ruled by Isaac Strong.

Caltia is currently the front line of civilization. Since the pirates overran Gatwig five years ago, Caltia has been the easiest nation for them to raid. Immediately after Gatwig fell, the pirates led by the Aiga clan attacked West Caltia. West Caltia nearly fell, but Saul Fallian rallied the remnants of his fleet. Together with refugee elements of Gatwig’s skyfleet, Fallian drove the pirates back at the Battle of Lebven Plane.

Since that time, West Caltia has suffered repeated pirate raids, and has received no help from the nation’s eastern half.

West Caltia

The half of Caltia that now borders Pirate-occupied Gatwig. Subject to occasional raids and largely independent of East Caltian control.

Caltia City

A massive, rectangular, sixteen story platform floating a little over half a mile off the ground. Caltia City is tethered to the Under Caltia shantytowns by six massive iron columns.

Whatever technology forged the city, the world has not seen its like in a very long time.

In terms of its appearance, Caltia City looks similar to one of the Wards of Vivec from Morrowind, though it is almost as big as the entire island of Vvardenfell.

The Wards

Argenta Ward

Wretched Hive:
The Argenta ward is home of Caltia City’s red light district. Most of the city’s vice and crime occur in this ward. If you want to find the criminal element, look no further Anyone native to the city enters with one hand on their wallet and the other on their gun.

Argenta Ward’s leitmotif is “Yashin” from Glass Fleet.

The Face of Argenta is Adrian Wurlitzer, his public aspects are:

The Boss:
Argenta belongs to Mr. Wurlitzer. It is Wurlitzer’s house. You don’t play in his house without following his rules, and you don’t conduct business without giving the house its due.

Bellamy Ward

Honest Hands Stained with Soot:
Bellamy is where most of the city’s working class lives. The people here are decent and just want a fair shake and a good life.

Bellamy Ward’s leitmotif is “Let’s Have Lunch” from Grandia II.

The face of Bellamy is Rose Baker:

None of that now:
Bastards who try to pull crap on Ms Baker learn a thing or two about how honest people deal with their kind of scum. Caltia is a decent place and it’s not going to be ruined for the children by any slimy foreigners, bawdy soldiers, heartless aristocrats or shady criminals. So just crawl back into your hole and die.

Downs Ward

Let them Eat Cake:
Most of Caltia’s upper classes reside in Downs, the topmost ward of the city. Neither the filth of Bellamy nor the corruption of Argenta disrupts Downs’ simple superiority.

The Face of Downs is Florence Strong, Isaac’s daughter:

Social Queen:
Florence rules Caltian high society. Piss her off, and you’ll be ostracized from all the right social set. Get in her good graces, and everyone will love you.

Lackwoe Ward

Foreign Quarter:
Caltia’s docks ward. Those foreigners without the money to hire expensive rooms in Downs reside in Lackwoe.

Lackwoe’s face is John Findlay, the ITC director for operations in Caltia:

Fat Bastard
Findlay lives very lavishly. His time in Caltia has been very profitable for him, and he lets everyone know it.

Fortress Ward

The Base:
The Fortress Ward is entirely devoted to the training and housing of Caltia’s sizeable military. This includes skymen, marines, officers and maintenance crews. The Fotress ward is also where Caltia builds and maintains its skyfleet.

The face of the Fortress is Maxwell Lark, the Quartermaster General.

Finesse it to Death, and then some:

PERFECTION!! Not a possibility, no! But a goal! Every soldier must be fed, every piece of metal polished and every gear oiled. It’s not going to happen by chance or good luck, and we’re not going to have time to sweep the decks in a crisis!!

Nantin and Lebven

Nantin and Lebven are the twin cities that constitute the largest settlement in West Caltia. The West Caltian Skyfleet and the Gettis Remnant Fleet are based in Nantin-Lebven.

Nantin is an artificial tethered platform similar to Caltia City (though much smaller). Lebven is a floating mountain that has been tethered to Nantin.

Nantin’s Leitmotif is the Millennial Fair theme from Chrono Trigger. Lebvan’s is the Musica Machina from Final Fantasy V.

East Caltia

The rest of East Caltia consists of a few other floating platforms. Salt City is a massive floating mountain off to the northeast. Nyatra is a one-mile-square untethered artificial platform that circles Lake Krant, off to the south.

Geographically, East Caltia contains the foothills for West Caltia’s mountains. East Caltia has a lot of coal and a lot of farmland.


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