Session 2 Report
Murder on the Wistera (Part 1)

Graham and Gordon board the Wisteria for a trip from Caltia City to Merza. They rescue a dude from the clutch of the Aegrixa and solve a bunch of murders. Gordon gets his mind raped by Monica, and yee haw. Graham fails to stop James and George from having a duel, which James wins. Karen Mae is the only surviving assassin. Caroline Rain (the Wisteria’s navigator) thinks that Graham is kinda cute.

Session 1 Report
Graham Drumford: Chosen One

Just the facts ma’am:

The session began at the Staccato Club in Argenta. Gordon had come to investigate a rumored Gettis Eye (supposedly in the care of a man with a blue coat), Chevald had come to meet Jordan Brand (an ITC rep who wanted OUT of Magni), and Graham, who was along for the ride.

Also at the Staccato were Adrian Wurlitzer (Crime lord of Argenta), Beadle Rasp (Constable), Mimi Crisp (Singer) and three ITC mages, Georgina Marks (Female), Simon Reed (Bald) and Ingmar True (Not-female-or-bald), along with numerous rough types, musicians and guests.

When Beadle railed at Adrian for all the recent happenings in Argenta, Chevald intervened to chase him out. Adrian thanked Chevald and started acting friendly. The floor show started and upset the mages. Mimi started to sing, which further perturbed the mages. Careful observers would have noticed an upside-down cloverleaf tattooed on Mimi’s cheek (obscured by her hair).

The mages got more and more nervous until a guy in a blue coat walked into one of Staccato’s private rooms. Ingmar went in after them. Mimi’s song finished and a much louder performance began. As Gordon, Graham and Chevald crossed towards the private room, four gunshots rang out. The room’s door flew open and a wave of mentalism froze everyone who’d been looking to the door. Ingmar dashed out the front door clutching the Gettis eye with the other two mages going out after him. As soon as they could shake off the mentalist blast, Gordon, Graham and Chevald followed.

Marks, Reed and Ingmar ducked down a man-hole a short distance from the Staccato’s entrance. The man-hole led to a utility area between two of Argenta’s proper levels. Thanks to the rain, the entire area was filled with fog and condensation. The PCs followed and noticed a blood trail. Up ahead, the three mages had collapsed out of breath after tripping over a bum. Chevald mind-raeped the bum into blind obedience. Gordon marked where Ingmar sat with the Gettis eye and then filled the area with an extremely dense fog.

Gordon dashed in to grab the eye, but crashed into a mage harvester. The other harvester harvests Ingmar. Georgina casts magic missile at the fog and the first harvester tries to harvest Gordon. The second harvester harvests Simon and the PCs retreat, leaving Georgina to her fate.

After the harvesters finished their work, Chevald’s mind-raeped bum found the damn eye and started to carry it to Argenta’s first level. Back on the first level, a police officer can’t help but be curious why Gordon is covered in blood. The PCs talk their way out of that one and the officer goes down. Chevald’s mind-raeped bum gets whacked by the mob, who take the damn eye.

Back at the Staccato, Adrian has the eye (perhaps a lil’ more quickly than he should have. Imma think this is actually a plot hole) and offers it to Gordon if the PCs will investigate a statue.

The statue is a massive upside-down cloverleaf like Mimi’s tattoo. At the statue are both Mage harvesters, Mimi, two bickering Wanchustan spies, a dead clockwork spider and four random cultists. As the PCs approach the statue, Leo Karns, the Lexakirian Archbishop of Caltia City comes in behind them.

Karns gets waaaaaaaay too friendly with the PCs, then force-magics both the spies to their doom, sacrifices everyone else in the room to Aegrixa, proclaims Graham to be The Chosen One OMINOUS CHORD and just generally minces his way through uncanny valley.

With that out of the way, the PCs return to Adrian, who gives them the eye and a report on where it was found (In Merza). Adrian also gets them in to the most happenin’ grand ball evar. Graham gets seduced by Florence Strong, Chevald finds his contact murdered and Gordon runs into the man in black leather gloves before heading home with a guy from the ITC (Bow-chicka-wow-waaa).

Each of our PCs gets a wake-up visit from Karns. Chevald freaks, Gordon handles it nicely and Graham is a lil’ creeped out that he’s got a naked woman on one side an an archbishop on the other. Graham has breakfast with Isaac Strong, and receives an invitation to join the Caltian Skyfleet when the Western Coalition tries to drive the pirates out of Gatwig.

Gordon abuses his new-found ITC friend’s hospitality and Chevald possesses the maid at his hotel. Chevald then murders his old body and goes off to try to snatch a body off a local ITC muckety-muck.

Graham and Gordon return to their hotel, which gets attacked in the middle of the night by the man in black leather gloves. After a death-defying escape, Graham decides to take Isaac Strong up on his offer to join Caltia’s assault on pirate-occuped Gatwig. Gordon agrees to come along after the Wisteria’s captain says that the West Caltia fleet is planning an expedition to Merza.

Plot holes hooks:

  • Who told Adrian to be so friendly to Chevald?
  • Why don’t the number of shots match the number of bodies from the private room? (Four shots, one confirmed body (with an unknown number of holes in it), one mage wounded, FIVE GUYS IN THE ROOM)
  • Poor Georgina, I hope her ghost isn’t vengeful or anything that the PCs JUST LEFT HER TO GET HER LIVING SPINE CUT OUT BY THE BIOMECHANOID SERVANTS OF A TECHNO-HORROR DEITY.

We blew up a bar, watched mages get murdered, had a bum take their stuff and get murdered, got their stuff from a crime lord after a bunch of other people got murdered, got “chosen” when those other people got murdered, got laid, watched some other chick get murdered, got a merchant drunk and took advantage of his hospitality, got a wake-up greeting from an archbishop, got recruited into the military, got our hotel blown up and are on our way to Merza.

Best Quote: “I woke up with a priest in the room and had to kill myself.”

Session 1 Headlines

Gatwig Liberation Campaign Begins In Two Weeks

Sources within the Wanchustan Skyfleet confirmed that the reconquest fleet is assembling according to schedule. Despite the failure of the nations to pick a unified commander, our sources say. Confidence is high that the unified fleet can easily brush the pirates aside. Skyfleet officers pooh-pooh’d reports of fights between different skyfleets’ crews…

Mysterious Disappearances in Argenta

The number of unsolved missing-persons cases in the Argenta ward has hit a 20 year high according to ward constables. Local authorities blame the high numbers of Gatwigger refugees who have begun to run out of money. When questioned, constables discounted the idea of local crime syndicates, saying that the syndicates continue to observe the truce of two years ago…

Thousands Flock to Greet Wanchust Royals

Unprecedented crowds greeted the Wanchustan royal siblings on their first royal visit to Caltia. Wanchustan royalty has not visited the city since the year before the Caltian Independence War. Police reported that loyalist demonstrators and Caltian Nationalists agreed not to hold demonstrations in the face of the current anti-pirate war…

Smile Calls out Faithful

Chief Executive Director Smile announced that the ITC would no longer recognize the Lexakirian holidays of Mother Week. Smile stated that the ITC “did not have time to observe the superstitions of every sewer-dwelling nutter in the world”. The Lexakirian Church heirarchy has not responded to this latest provocation officially…

ITC Rebuilds old Telephone Switchbank

As part of the plan to make Caltia City an effective forward defense against the Pirate horde, the ITC has been rebuilding the city’s old telephone system. Telephone service to the entire city will be provided by the ITC free of charge until the end of the current pirate threat. The ITC will hand operation of the system to the city government after the war ends…

Weather Forecast:

Heavy thunderstorms are anticipated for the next two days. The city’s reservoir has been drained in anticipation to forestall a repeat of last month’s flooding in Argenta. Following the thunderstorms should be several days of mostly clear weather.

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