An expert on lost technology clad in a metal mask


High Concept: Sky-trotting Treasure Hunter
Trouble: Once a pirate, always a pirate

Phase 1 Aspect TBD

Phase 2 Aspect: I’d spit in the eye of the devil himself

Phase 3 Aspect: Not as young as I used to be


+4 Lore
+3 Intimidate, Investigation
+2 Crafts, Will, Contacts, Notice
+1 Empathy, Stealth, Fighting, Deceit, Burglary, Physique, Athletics

Just some ideas
Tech Genius: Prophet only needs to spend a few minutes with lost tech to figure out how it works, how to turn it on, and how to disable it.


Phase 1:
The man known as Prophet was born in the pirate controlled territories to the influential clan Fawkes. He was exposed to the Monolith and gained power from it, and soon became fascinated with the lost secrets of technology and spent most of his youth studying it fanatically. He grew up on stories of the past and became a respected scientist, even among the more “civilized” nations. The rise of Clan Fawkes to leadership of the clans brought a renewed interest in technological research within pirate skies, specifically weapons development. Prophet took an integral part in it all, designing a gigantic warship, the Godhead, outfitted with a newly discovered superweapon that was capable of wiping out several skyships in a single shot. After the conquest of Gatwig, Prophet realized that the Pirate King’s goals were bloody conquest of the entire sky, driven by a mad goal of reviving the ancient gods. Fawke’s grip tightened upon the people of the pirate skies. Prophet regularly witnessed the freedom and brotherhood that the pirates enjoyed stripped away, replaced by layers of bloodlust and ambition. For his objections to the new order, Prophet was banished from his position within the clans and demoted to insultingly simple raiding missions.

Phase 2:
On one of the raiding missions Prophet attacked an outpost that turned out to be a research station. One of the survivors was a young man who Prophet identified quickly as a surfacer. Not just any surfacer, this man knew technology. He knew it better than Prophet did. There was a strange passion for it burning in his soul, and Prophet decided to use that passion to his advantage. He spared his life and took him back to the clans. Together they hatched a plan to destroy the Godhead using Prophet’s knowledge and the man’s skill. On a starry night they stole a skyship and rammed it into the Godhead, using the breach to enter the central core. Sure of his victory Prophet broadcast a message to the Pirate King and the rest of the fleet, saying that he had finally won the day and that what he was about to do was in the name of freedom. He used the power of the Monolith to send the core into an unstable frenzy which surged power throughout the ship, overloading the superweapon. The two escaped just in time on a lifeboat. Drifting through the skies they witness a red star erupting from within the Godhead as the ship imploded. Prophet realized his mistake seconds after the entire sky around them turned bloody red. The magical explosion careened into the rest of the pirate fleet nearby, taking countless lives with it and ensuring that the battle against the allied fleets was a complete loss for the pirates. The victory over the Pirate King had come at far too great a cost.

Phase 3:
The shame of having almost single handedly crippled the pirates, and broadcasting that fact across the fleets forced the Fawkes clansman to abandon his old name and take on the current alias, Prophet. A reminder of the Pirate King’s fanaticism, whose dreams he had killed along with him. Exiling himself to the sky’s fringes, he pursued archaeological expeditions to ancient caches. But Prophet was no young man. His years prevented him from not getting around ancient catacombs quite as well on his own, so he enlisted the help of a listless, wandering pirate who happened to have a ship handy. Prophet took a liking to him and the two began to search for lost treasures. One of their first finds was an ancient exosuit Prophet jury-rigged back to working condition, and he began to wear it almost all the time. Now Prophet is more known by the metal mask he wears rather than the face of an old Fawkes clansman.


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