Graham Drumford

Remnant Gatwig Soldier



Great +4: Rapport
Good +3: Epathy Resove
Fair +2: Guns, Endurance, Athletics
Average +1: Might, Survival, Alertness, Fists


Heart on my Sleeve
Hunters Grace
Shake it off


In a Moment of Weakness…
Riches to Rags
Been around the block
In the Army Now
Sole Survivor
Guilt by Collusion
Kiss of Aegrixa
Another one



1: Born to a family of minor nobility. Got tossed out for sleeping with some muckety-muck’s daughter.

2: Crawled into a bottle to escape the pain of being tossed out. Joined the army to straighten out his live.

3: (with Gordon): Escaped from the pirate attack on Gatwig with Gordon Ishmael. Is the only survivor of the skyship he was stationed on. Is being tangentially pursued by the pirates for associating with Gordon.

4: Unwittingly became the Chosen One of the old goddess Aegrixa.

Graham Drumford

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