Session 1 Headlines

Gatwig Liberation Campaign Begins In Two Weeks

Sources within the Wanchustan Skyfleet confirmed that the reconquest fleet is assembling according to schedule. Despite the failure of the nations to pick a unified commander, our sources say. Confidence is high that the unified fleet can easily brush the pirates aside. Skyfleet officers pooh-pooh’d reports of fights between different skyfleets’ crews…

Mysterious Disappearances in Argenta

The number of unsolved missing-persons cases in the Argenta ward has hit a 20 year high according to ward constables. Local authorities blame the high numbers of Gatwigger refugees who have begun to run out of money. When questioned, constables discounted the idea of local crime syndicates, saying that the syndicates continue to observe the truce of two years ago…

Thousands Flock to Greet Wanchust Royals

Unprecedented crowds greeted the Wanchustan royal siblings on their first royal visit to Caltia. Wanchustan royalty has not visited the city since the year before the Caltian Independence War. Police reported that loyalist demonstrators and Caltian Nationalists agreed not to hold demonstrations in the face of the current anti-pirate war…

Smile Calls out Faithful

Chief Executive Director Smile announced that the ITC would no longer recognize the Lexakirian holidays of Mother Week. Smile stated that the ITC “did not have time to observe the superstitions of every sewer-dwelling nutter in the world”. The Lexakirian Church heirarchy has not responded to this latest provocation officially…

ITC Rebuilds old Telephone Switchbank

As part of the plan to make Caltia City an effective forward defense against the Pirate horde, the ITC has been rebuilding the city’s old telephone system. Telephone service to the entire city will be provided by the ITC free of charge until the end of the current pirate threat. The ITC will hand operation of the system to the city government after the war ends…

Weather Forecast:

Heavy thunderstorms are anticipated for the next two days. The city’s reservoir has been drained in anticipation to forestall a repeat of last month’s flooding in Argenta. Following the thunderstorms should be several days of mostly clear weather.


I’m always up for nasty weather. :)

Session 1 Headlines

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