Skyborn: The World Aloft

The Feel

The Skyborn campaign takes place in a world where fleets of magitech skyships and floating steampunk cities hover among the clouds above a poisoned surface world.

Where we’re picking up:

TBD. We can start anywhere: the world is open. From the grand gentleman’s clubs of Kynnis to the most savage of Beltacta’s dens of iniquity: we can start anywhere. This is a FATE game, so the exact location will depend on what the group wants out of the campaign.

For those who’ve played before:

The Aegrixa cult is dead. A byproduct of the cult’s death was the creation of a ten-foot-thick wall of deadly mist bisecting Katig. Katig has been liberated from the pirates but the ITC’s coalition fleet has been betrayed by Magni, Wanchust and Brenig, who have also conquered Caltia. The traitor nations are trying to force the ITC to recognize their conquests. The ITC is stalling for the time it needs to raise another fleet in Saye. The pirates are leaderless since Alamogordo Fawkes and the other leaders of Clan Fawkes were lost in the initial battle with the coalition fleet.

The Wisteria is trapped somewhere off to the north of Katig behind the mist wall, though it’s on the other side of a mountain range from the pirate fleet.


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